Gr.0-12 Curriculum

Pre-School Curriculum

Gr.0-12 Curriculum

U.C.A. uses the Accelerated Christian Education Ministries' Curriculum (ACE) from Grade 0 -12

ACE embraces a Unique Educational Approach

ACE Ministries’ comprehensive educational system is driven by dedicated individuals who motivate and support parents in their quest to help their children reach their maximum potential in school and in life.

For more than three decades, ACE has delivered a successful Christian-based international schooling system that provides a rewarding education alternative, relative to learners’ needs. This programme utilises results-driven processes rather than conventionally applied time-focussed education curricula.

ACE recognises that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and has developed a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capabilities.

The curriculum makes it possible for the learner, to achieve their full academic potential. This is the foundation upon which future learning is built.

From preschool to grade 12, each learner discovers how to:
•set goals and meet deadlines
•develop critical-thinking skills
•think creatively and independently

The ACE programme covers the critical outcomes and minimum standards of the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) as prescribed by the Department of Education in South Africa. This includes Learner and Teacher Support Materials (LTSM’s).

Individualised Learning

ACE provides curriculum materials in bite-sized, achievable work texts.

These work texts, called PACEs, include self-instructional lessons and activities. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. Learners begin a PACE by noting the goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse and a corresponding character trait.

From the beginning of each PACE, the learners know what is expected and assumes the responsibility for their own learning. Explanations and full colour illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the text material.

Bible Based Material

The ACE programme instils moral values and Biblical principles in the life of each learner. Character traits such as honesty, kindness and loyalty are taught within the learner and teacher support materials. The learner observes Godly living in the Christian character illustrations and applies these lessons to their own lives. This character-training prepares the learner to deal with the joys and challenges of everyday life.

Teach them how to live, not just how to make a living!

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Vision, Mission and Backround

Vision: Reaching the world for Christ, one child at a time.

Mission: To provide relevant individualized quality curriculum materials from pre primary to grade 12 levels enabling schools to provide academic excellence and produce Godly character in students.

History: The concept of Accelerated Christian Education was started by Dr. Donald Howard in 1970 in Garland, Texas. Since then ACE has spread to over 142 countries around the world with warehouses located in the USA, Australia, U.K., Canada, Philippines and South Africa.

The office located in Durban has been operating since 1988 and serves all schools using the ACE system in African & Scandinavian countries. Since its beginning, Accelerated Christian Education has launched over 3700 schools in total, of which over 750 schools and 1 200 home schools are currently active. There are presently over 26 500 students in Africa/Scandinavia involved in this system.

This educational system has been widely accepted by universities and other academic institutions around the world and is registered with the local departments of education.

Glossary of Terms

ACE - Accelerated Christian Education

Learning Centre - The classroom environment of Accelerated Christian Education

Student's Office - A partitioned section within a learning centre for each student

Score Key - The answer key used for scoring PACES

Scoring Station - The counter at which PACES are scored

Monitor - Assistant to the supervisor

PACE - Package of Accelerated Christian Education

Supervisor - Senior educator (teacher) in the learning centre

All Africa Student Convention - Week long competition for students in various fields of interest

Christian Educators' Convention - A time of in-service training for monitors, supervisors, pastors and principals

Silver Status - Administrators’ Seminar Recognition of a school's high level of excellence

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