UCA is an Independent School offering the Umdoni Community a Christian Based Education system where each learner is allowed to progress according to his/her unique abilities. Our registered, qualified staff are trained to encourage and motivate the children within the classroom and on the sports field.

We offer: Baby Day Care, Preschool, Aftercare (Half and Full Day), Primary School, High School, Computer Mastery Learning (Futurekids and SkillsPro), Music Makers, Various School Sports.


UCA is an extension of the Christian home. Children are treated with love and respect and vaued for their individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learning is FUN!
  • Holistic approach to Education
  • Values and Morals are Bible Based and built into the curriculum
  • Character Based Learning & Individualized Instruction
  • Small Classes & Termly outings
  • Teachers passionate about children and their ministry
  • ½ day curriculum for Preschoolers
  • Full day aftercare (meals optional) & Family atmosphere

UCA focuses on a holistic approach to school readiness ensuring your child is academically, physically, emotionally and socially ready for school. With four Preschool groups we cater for all the developmental stages of our preschoolers


A good foundation is crucial for developing students who are a a pathway to lifelong learning.We prepare school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.


UCA develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication in our high school learners. With four pathways to success and a career suited for each student.

ICL (Integrated Centre for Learning) has engaged the services of professionals in the fields of Barriers to learning (remedial), Neurodevelopment, Counseling, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, to bridge the gap when challenges arise concerning learning problems, behavioural issues or neurodevelopmental delays and to look beyond the symptoms/labels by working on foundations/causes.


These are the people who keep UCA ticking. Their purpose is to lead and guide UCA on the path to success

Jenny Page UCA
Jenny Page

The role of the School Head to serve as chief administrator of the school in partnership with the Board of Directors. Ensuring the school’s success by providing spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership. To ensure that the school fulfills its mission to provide education and values rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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rudy Vadiveloo UCA
Trudy Vadiveloo
School Pastor

The role of the School Pastor is to provide overall spiritual guidance and support to all stakeholders (staff, students, parents, members of the community). To assume overall responsibility of discipline, spiritual growth, general well-being, holistic (physical – general operations/ emotional/ social/ mental) involvement in the school.

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Anna-Marie Leeson UCA
Anna-Marie Leeson
Head of Academics

The role of the Academic head is to ensure that the school academic program meets the requirements of the various authorities (AEE, Dept.of Ed. Cambridge and SAQA) and assumes a current educational methodology. Together these guide and encourage students to develop into their academic potential thus each the students according to their educational needs, abilities, and attainment potential.

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Davenee Govender UCA
Davenee Govender
Head of Preschool

The role of the Preschool Head is to instill the school’s core values in his/her interface with all stakeholders (children/ staff/ parents/ community), to design and implement developmentally appropriate preschool programme for each age – appropriate group. The Preschool is a stepping stone to school readiness and formative learning and an integral part of our program.

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Janine Fourie UCA
Janine Fourie
Head of Finance

The role of the Head of Finance is to assume overall accountability for the bookkeeping function of the school, by ensuring that all management accounts are updated and current.

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